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Planning a Price Is Right Shower

17 May

I thought we’d take a break from house stuff today and talk about other fun things…like bridal showers!

A few weekends ago, I headed down to St. Louis to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my friend Mandy.  When we first decided on Mandy’s shower date, I was gainfully unemployed, having just moved to Omaha, so I found myself with a lot of free time to be creative.  When Mandy’s maid of honor asked for some suggestions on shower games/theme, I proposed the Price Is Right.  I had heard it played with Baby Showers, but when I did a search, I had a hard time finding a lot of different ideas online.

So, I did what any good unemployed person would do, I set to doing “research” the good ol’ fashioned way, I started watching the Price is Right everyday (and don’t worry, I’m not going to get political and start a debate of who is the better host ::coughBobBarkercough::).  I came up with several games that could easily translate to the shower atmosphere.  All of the games would be played to win prizes for the bride-to-be.

The games I identified are:
Bonus Game (as defined on Wikipedia)
The contestant is asked whether each of four small prizes is priced higher or lower than the incorrect price given. Each prize corresponds to one of four windows on a gameboard, one of which conceals the word “Bonus”. The contestant wins a large bonus prize by correctly pricing the small prize with the window containing “Bonus”.

The contestant is asked to individually price five grocery items. After all five guesses are tallied, the actual prices of the items are revealed. If the contestant’s cumulative total is within $2 of the actual total price of the five grocery items, the contestant wins a bonus prize.

Cliff Hangers
The game board contains a mountain climber. The contestant is asked to individually price three small prizes. If a guess is incorrect, the climber takes one step up the mountain for each dollar of difference between the contestant’s guess and the actual price. Only after the climber stops does the contestant learn the actual price. If the climber takes more than 25 steps, he falls off the mountain and the contestant loses the game. However, if the climber moves 25 steps or less, the contestant wins a bonus prize in addition to the three small prizes.

Coming or Going
The contestant is shown the price of a prize, whose digits may be displayed in either the correct or reverse order. In order to win, the contestant must choose which of the two possibilities is the correct price (e.g., $1,234 or $4,321).

Easy as 1 2 3
The contestant is given blocks marked 1, 2 and 3, which are used to rank three prizes from least expensive to most expensive. The contestant wins the prizes by correctly ranking all three.

Hi Lo
The contestant is shown six grocery items and asked to choose the three she believes are the highest-priced. After the prices of the contestant’s choices are revealed and placed in the Hi row, the lowest-priced of the items in the Hi row is kept and the remaining items’ prices are then revealed and placed in the Lo row. If the contestant has correctly chosen the three highest-priced items, she wins a prize.

Hole in One
The contestant must putt a golf ball into a hole in order to win (in the real game, they win a car. In the shower version, you can clearly make this whatever you want)  The contestant is asked to place six grocery/household items in ascending order of price. The prices are then revealed one at a time, and the contestant will ultimately make their putt from a line closer to the hole for each successive price that is higher than the previous price.   After the prices have been revealed and the line from which the contestant will putt is determined, the contestant receives one chance to putt the ball into the hole. If their first attempt is unsuccessful, the ball is replaced on the same line and the contestant receives a second and final putt.

Most Expensive
This one might shock you, the contestant is shown 3 prizes and has to identify the most expensive in order to win all three.

The options are really endless on the games you could play…and if for some reason you didn’t like ANYTHING already done on the Price Is Right, it’s pretty easy to make up your own as well.

We opted to send out evites, since it wasn’t very formal, with some language to indicate what the attendees should expect.  Here is what I put together:
Mandy is a bride to be!  The bridesmaids invite you to join them in celebrating Mandy’s upcoming wedding with a shower that will have you wanting to “Come On Down!”  The party will get started at 2 p.m., don’t be late, you won’t want to miss Contestants Row!

Please join us at location.  We will be using the community room and there will be plenty of signs posted directing you where to go.
Questions?  Feel free to contact Elizabeth at number.

**Should you wish to bring a gift, Mandy and fiance are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, and Home Depot.  You can find the links available on their wedding website**

Pretty basic, but I think it  got our message across :-)

To start off the shower, we divided everyone into 3 teams (there were about 15 attendees at the shower, not counting the bridesmaids who didn’t play).  They were able to bid on the items from Contestants Row as a group and play the games as a group.  This seemed to serve as a good ice breaker and mix and mingle people who didn’t know each other as well.
 For the shower, we ended up going with the “Hole In One” and Cliffhanger (I had “Hi-Lo” waiting in the wings, but we were a bit short on time so we didn’t end up using it).

Hole In One was SO easy to set up.  I borrowed a putting cup from my friend Mel (well, it’s really Heeyoung’s putting cup… :-) and a putter and ball from Steve.  I hit up Target to find 6 things that had some tricky prices.  I settled on: Scott’s Bath Tissue, Clorox Toilet Bowl cleaner, a Glade scented candle, air freshener,  pack of hangers, and a bottle of nail polish.  The trickiest part was that the Scott’s Bath Tissue was the most expensive (a 4 pack for $3.99!), and the “contestants” fell for my trick.  Pricing it as the second cheapest item of the 6.

Photo credit this one to Elizabeth (not me)

We were still easy on the chosen putter though, since she really wanted to win the prize for Mandy.  For the first round, the prize was the game of Quelf.  It is randomness in a box.

For the second round, one of the other Bridesmaids put together the “Cliffhanger” game.  She made the “mountain climber” out of craft foam and then drew the mountain on the poster board.  “Cliff” was attached with double sided tape, so that he could move as needed to climb up.  They were able to win a bath/relaxation package for Mandy.

Elizabeth did an awesome job on this one!  It looked just like the “real deal” on the Price Is Right.

The last round, we had a “showcase showdown”!  The maid of honor made a “big wheel” to spin…it was a great idea!  She made it out of a circle of craft wood, similar to what you would find in the “wooden crafts” section of Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  She sectioned it up and painted like the “big wheel” on the disk and then had it drilled out in the middle with a dowel it could rotate on.  The top spinners of the big wheel ended up competing in the showcase showdown.

Amanda got prizes in 2 themes—a honeymoon extender package (full of things to remind the couple of their honeymoon to the Bahamas – margarita mix, leis, a patio table, umbrellas for drinks, tropical glasses, etc.) and a “letters” package.  Mandy was proposed to via Boggle, so this show case was PERFECT for the happy could.  She had letters for their names that could be used as bookends or just display, travel boggle, and the word “family” that was matted and framed.  It was really cute…I thought I had pictures of it, but I guess I do not.

The surprising thing is that the one team got close enough on their showcase guess to be within $2.00 winning Mandy BOTH showcases!  I swear we didn’t plan that…

To make it more authentic, we also had downloaded the price is right theme music to build a little excitement.

None of us are “graphically inclined”, so our decorations were really simple – We went with Red, Yellow, and Orange as our fun “price is right” themed colors.  If any of us had been good at photoshop or other such things, we could have had a lot of fun with Price Is Right themed invitations, signage (directing attendees where to go to sign up for contestants row, etc.).

In between the rounds, we ate some snacks and had Mandy open her presents.  This broke up the monotony that sometimes comes with showers as everyone waits for an eternity to finish opening presents.  Everyone seemed to have a great time, and I would call this shower a success!

What do you think?  Tacky?  Awesome?  Do you love game shows as much as I do??


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