The Master Bath Master Plan

16 Feb

I promised last week I’d be back today with our Master Bath master vision.  Since we’re basically back to bare bones, now is as good of time as any to finalize what we’re thinking.

1) New Vanity — Probably goes with out saying, but our old one is cut up into 20 pieces and super moldy.  I’m loving more open vanities to help make the room feel bigger.  I went, where else, but to good ol’ pinterest and am loving this look:


2)  Since we’re remodeling the bathroom, we’re going to take the opportunity to get rid of the nasty bulky Jacuzzi and replace it with a slimmer profile, more modern tub.  Like this:


3)  We’re going to do ceramic tile for the bathroom, I’m loving the wood look ceramic…not sure if it’ll fit in the budget, but this is the vision :-)


4)  More lights — we only have a 4 light octopus light bar and it is not enough light.  Since we’re starting from the studs,  Steve is going to wire an extra light box at the top of the mirror.  We’re also going to frame out our existing mirror.  I’m thinking something like this:


So that’s a little bit of what we’re thinking, I’m excited to get past the frustrating part and get to the progress part…stay tuned!  I can’t wait.

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